Entrance Door Canopies


Entry Awning Attributes

Business and commercial building entrance awnings are great protection from the weather for your customers and employees while adding elegance and style to your facility.

Various types of awnings , e.g.,

can be used be used for entrance awnings. This page illustrates various examples of using Entry Canopy Awnings with different canopy designs: shed, slant, gable marquee.


Provide uniformity and continuity in multi-unit business buildings (e.g., office, retail, storage, warehouses, etc.) with entrance awnings. Place a shed design canopy over each entrance. With hundreds of fabric colors, patterns and valance styles , match or accent your building decor.

Entrance awnings are not limited to the shed design, the following examples illustrate the Marquee and Gable Marquee design canopy awning.

We service our own awnings and most other brands to include maintenance and fabric recovering.

For more examples of our awnings, visit our residential awnings.